Monday, January 20, 2014


I went and did it.



I started another blog.  I already have my personal blog (which to be fair, should probably be updated more often). A blog for my 2 oldest children (also need some updates). 2 recipe blogs (really the same blog, on blogger and wordpress).

I think I have a problem.

But I felt the need to have a special place to document my sewing/stitching/quilting projects.  So here I am.  I am The Stitch Starter.  Because I always tend to START something, and don't always finish.  Let's not talk about my 10 UFO's sitting around right now (UFO: Un Finished Object).  They're on my list!

So here we goooo!

First up, because a blog without a picture is no good, K-girl's quilt top!

This involved from a whirligig pattern.  I actually kept cutting the fabric wrong (never mind the whole measure twice, cut once method), and finally just couldn't keep buying more fabric.  It's about a twin size quilt.  I kept it about half folded here, but you can see the idea.  I have a plan on how to quilt it, just need to get started!  It's a UFO I aim to finish this year, as part of the UFO challenge for my quilt guild.

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