Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April--Lovely Year of Finishes

Finishing this quilt has been a long time coming.  And when I say 'long time' I mean L-O-N-G time.  It was one of the first quilts I started working on, for my oldest to have.  It was before I even was brave enough to attempt free motion quilting.  It was before we moved.  Yeah, it's probably been my longest awaiting UFO.  Every few weeks, my daughter asks me when she's going to get her quilt.

(never mind the dog investigating)
But I'm finishing it!  I finally got the courage up to quilt it.  I had a specific design in mind I wanted, and so I decided I better do it myself.  And so far, I LOVE it.  And my daughter loves it too.

I still have quite a bit of quilting to do to finish this top, and that's my goal for the month!  Finish quilting this quilt and start the binding, so my daughter can finally have her quilt.

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  1. I LOVE the quilting so far! Good luck finishing!

  2. The quilting is great! What a delightful quilt.