Friday, August 7, 2015

ALYOF--August Goal

I've mentioned here and there about the Block Of The Month I'm a part of, through my LQS (local quilt shop).  Each year they have a theme, and we get a block each month.  BUT-to get our block, we have to had completed the block from the month BEFORE.  So when we showed up to our August meeting on Saturday, we had to have completed our July block to receive the kit for free.  I love the way it's set up.  As much as I would love to be able to join classes and block of the months at other stores, I can't afford a $30 monthly class fee for a block of the month and THEN something another $10 on top to purchase the block.  It's too much!!  I'm a poor quilter.  For now ;)

Anyway, if you don't ever complete the block you can always buy the next month's block for $5.  As soon as the year is over (right now actually, they gave us our last block this past Saturday) they get ready for the next year.  To participate in THAT, by getting your starting block kit, you can either A-pay $5 for it. Or B-finish your quilt top from the year previous.

Like I said--poor quilter here.  I love being able to just continue and roll over each year after year by buying my first block for $5.  The only excess I spend is if I want to do their 'bonus' blocks, or any yardage I buy to complete my quilt top and backing.  A REALLY good deal if you ask me!

Here are a few of the blocks I have made.  My camera and computer aren't getting along right now, so this pictures will have to suffice.

I will have 24 blocks I'll be piecing together into a quilt top.  I have a fun design I'm hoping will work the way I want--I'm going to frame each block so it stands out, and then put sashing on only two sides of the block and stagger them around, so they are kind of uneven.

it should work.  I traced it all up on graph paper! :)


  1. This is awesome. It sounds like my kind of BOM. What's your quilt shop?

    1. it's Quilt Etc in Sandy. They have classes for the BOM the first saturday and monday of every month (usually). They are starting the new year in September, you can go pick up a time ticket starting on Tuesday. They have classes almost every hour, on the half hour all day Saturday and Monday evening.